Paint & Powder Coating

  • Automotive & industry standards

  • Available in gloss, semi-gloss, matt and other exotic finishes

  • Powder coating

  • Components sizes up to 2.0mx2.0mx1.8m

  • Max stoving Temp 400°C

  • Wet and dry film application capabilities

  • Pre-treatment for best adhesion

  • Full range of RAL & PMS colours available

It’s just as important to get the right finish

We have pretreatment and application equipment capable of handling components up to 2.0mx2.0mx1.4m. Maximum carrying capacity of our conveyor is 100kg per part, although we will look at individual projects that may range outside of this limit to determine feasibility.  Our maximum stoving temperature is 400°C.  We have both wet and dry film application capabilities.  Our fabrication shop can make any special jigs to suit your part requirements, so just let us know what you would like us to colour-in for you. We promise not to go outside the lines.

Our pre-treatment bath includes a degrease and phosphate coating capability to ensure excellent adhesion and base material corrosion protection.

We use only the highest quality paints and powders, designed to automotive and industry standards to ensure your complete satisfaction with appearance and corrosion protection.

Powder coating is applied as a free flowing, electrostatically charged, dry powder that is attracted to any conductive material of opposite polarity. Once applied to a surface the coating is heat cured in a high temperature oven creating a hard finish that can be of varying gloss levels dependent upon the type of powder selected. Most common finishes are gloss, semi-gloss or matt, although we can provide more exotic options like craze, crackle and sparkle.  All finishes are available in the full range of RAL and PMS colours. 

We can also spray apply and cure wet-film, water or solvent based, including primers that are normally required to ensure satisfactory adhesion to parent materials.  This process does not however depend upon the basic material being conductive, and provides an alternate finishing technique for such materials.  Oven temperatures can be set to avoid component distortion and paints modified to cure at lower temperatures to suit any heat limitations.


Atlantechs’ experience extends to over 30 years, working in automotive engineering, related design and manufacturing. Our combined service amounts to nearly 400 years!


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