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Q. What vehicles does your seating range cover?
A. All commercial vehicles, from small CDV vans like Peugeot Partners, to panel vans like the Transit Custom or VW Transporter, to 4x4 models like Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers right up to HGVs such as the Mercedes Actros. 

Q. What type of seat is best for me?
A. Please contact our sales team via telephone or email, and we can chat with you to best understand your requirements. From there our specialists can advise you a product that will allow you to get the most from your vehicle. 

Q. Are your seats tested? 
A. Yes! Our entire seating range is tested to the appropriate standards relating to the vehicles weight classification. Our sales team will advise you on the suitable options for your vehicle. 

Q. Will my Land Rover still be classed as a commercial vehicle? 
A. We can never guarantee that your vehicle will pass a VAT inspection should one be undertaken, as it depends on your use case. However, we follow all available government guidelines as closely as possible during design and manufacturing, to ensure that our conversion is compliant. By this the vehicle is still able to be primarily used for the carriage of goods, rather than solely for passengers and their effects. 

Q. Do you undertake bespoke work?
A. Absolutely. We take on a variety of bespoke work. This can be seat repair and retrimming, one-off seat design with special features, custom storage solutions, and full step by step interior overhaul of your commercial vehicle tailored to suit your needs. 

Q. Can you supply seats? 
A. Much of our range can be supplied via courier with a full fitting kit, to other vehicle specialists. 

Q. Can you fit seats I have supplied? 
A. We can usually fit seats that you supply. Please contact us with details of what you have, and what vehicle you would like them fitted to, and our sales team can offer advice and a quotation.

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