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​Design, Engineering & Testing

Our team of qualified and experienced CAD operators offer design services for high quality custom parts and products for vehicles. Our comprehensive automotive knowledge enables us to quote your specific requirements.

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Running current ‘DS Solid Works’ as our design platform we can create 2D and 3D drawings of any component or assembly.  We can also produce work and quality measurement instructions and in-process illustrations for all stages of manufacturing.

Our fabrication department has an extensive range of machine and welding resources to produce sample and prototype parts and assemblies based on your own designs, or our drawings if you prefer us to perform both services.

Although not legally required, Atlantechs have completed testing at Millbrook Proving Ground to be fully compliant in all respects to EC regulations 14 & 17. These relate to seat strength and seatbelt anchorages. This also includes a dynamic test on a high gravitational sled, the same as any original equipment vehicle manufacturer. This is for peace of mind for our current and future customers. Please click below for the full report


Atlantechs’ experience extends to over 30 years, working in automotive engineering, related design and manufacturing. Our combined service amounts to nearly 400 years!


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